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  • Vegan & ecological
  • Refill available
  • 40+ hour duration

Let yourself be carried away by the evocative notes of our sunflower candle, and transform your space into a fragrant sanctuary where the living flower expresses itself with elegance and refinement. The aroma is perfectly balanced between floral , fruity and summer freshness . 

Candle still handmade with our luxurious slow-burning coconut wax. Non -toxic, pesticide-free & non-carcinogenic. Healthy for humans & animals. Lid, care card and crackling wick included.

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Light your candle for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours .

For best use, use a wick trimmer to keep the wick about 5 millimeters from the wax before each use.

Light the candle on a flat surface , away from flammable objects and do not move it while it is burning.

We recommend the use of a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame safely.

We recommend not to light the candle if there is about 1.5 centimeters of wax left. Refills are available to reuse the glass container.


  • Natural coconut wax (odorless)
  • Non-toxic Essential Oil or Fragrance (paraben-free, phlatate-free)
  • FSC certified crackling wooden wick
  • wooden lid
  • Care card included at all times
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
La best fragrance!

Vraiment incroyable a quel point cette arome sens bon! Je peux la laisser allumer chez moi des heures et et je me tanne jamais! j'en acheterais 25 si je pourrais!

Mon odeur préféré!!

Tellement doux et unique comme odeur, je l'adore!
Fait très bien peu importe la saison