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FL, Coconut Wax was born out of Audrey Fortin-Leblanc's desire to follow the family's entrepreneurial momentum and materialize the business idea that made her dream for so many years.

It was therefore this inner flame that prompted him to take the plunge. FL, coco wax: its own line of candles made from coconut wax, completely handmade right here in Quebec. Combining a minimalist aesthetic with exceptional quality natural ingredients, our candles will fit perfectly into your home while awakening your senses with their wide variety of delicate fragrances and the soft crackle of their long burn.

Our mission is quite simple. We want to promote minimalism and voluntary simplicity through sumptuous candles that remind us of the importance of offering ourselves serene moments every day. We also want to offer you non-toxic products made from healthy ingredients that will really do you good.

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